We have lots of different ways to purchase or earn a bike from the Co-op.  Stop by today to see which one is right for you!


All of the bikes at the Co-op come from donations and we have them broken down into two groups - ones that our volunteer bike mechanics and shop manager have worked on and are ready to ride out the door and those we haven't fixed yet and still need some repairs. If you find the bike you love and we haven't fixed it, we can help you do the repairs required and perform a safety check to get you on the road.

We have a variety of used bikes, from 10 speed road bikes with drop handlebars, to classic cruisers, mountain bikes, kids bikes, upright commuters, hybrids, and more! We also have a variety of frames which can be built up. Our selection is constantly changing, so stop in often.


So you want a bike… but you’re short on money and might have some time on your hands?

We have the program for you. Our Earn-a-Bike program offers the option to work toward a bike, with the bonus of learning a little bit about working on bikes while you earn your bike!

Earn a Bike

  1. Select a bike you would like to earn, from eligible Earn-a-Bikes (orange tags).

  2. Start work around the shop, doing tasks from the volunteer list at the Bike Co-op.  All Earn-a-Bikes require 4 hours of volunteer work. 

  3. Once you have earned the bike, you can begin work to finish and tune your new bike with the help of volunteers.

  4. After the safety check, you can ride off with a new bike and valuable knowledge!


At the Co-op, we understand how quickly kids can grow.  All of our regularly priced kids' bikes (less than 24") are $15 or $5 with a trade in of another kids' bike.