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Latest News From the Bike-Coop

We will be OPEN Sundays!

Yay!  The Columbus Bike co-op will be open Sundays again.  We will return to normal Sunday hours March 20th.  We will be open from 2:00-5:00.  We appreciate your patience while we made progress.  There is minor difference for entry.  To enter the building on Sundays there will be a small doorbell to the right of the main entrance.  Just ring it and Co-op Volunteer will let you in.


Temporary Hours Change

We love you.  We want to see you and your bike.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be temporarily closed on Sundays.  The co-op and its volunteers are working very hard to find a quick resolution to this problem.  In the meantime you can always visit us every Thursday from 5:30-8:00 for open shop, or the second and fourth Tuesdays from 5:30-7:30 for Latino Nights!  If you have a bike emergency we may be able to make an appointment.  Email us using the link above.  Thank you for your patience.

Craft Night – November 15th

Join us for a make and take craft night on November 15th!

Want to make some Christmas gifts?
We have lots of bike parts that can be re-purposed for various projects.
We will have some crafting-specific supplies to share (beads, jewelry parts, glue, etc.). You are also welcome to bring your own.

At the Bike Co-op, located at 1531 13th St, from 5:30-8:30pm on Sunday, November 15th.
The suggested donation for this event is $5 per item you take home but, as always, don’t let the cost stop you from attending!



Fall 2015 Classes are Coming!

Join us for our ever-popular bike maintenance and repair classes!

They will be held Monday evenings at the Bike Co-op (basement of 1531 13th St, Columbus, IN) from 6pm-8pm. You are encouraged to bring your own bike.
Classes are a suggested $10 donation per session, though we do not want anyone to feel unwelcome if unable to pay.
Tell your friends, co-workers, riding buddies, and neighbors!

  • Mon., September 14     Basic Bike Maintenance
    Common issues, cleaning, and fix a flat!
  • Mon., September 21     Brakes
    Troubleshooting, adjustments, and common brake types.
  • Mon., September 28    Derailleurs
    Shifting or gear problems? Troubleshooting and adjustments will be covered.
  • Mon., October 5    Hubs & Bearings
    Learn to adjust and overhaul your bike’s bearings.
  • Mon., October 12    Bottom Bracket & Crank
    Common types and differences will be discussed.  Troubleshooting, installation and adjustment.
  • Mon., October 19    Headset, Handlebars & Stems
    Basic use, adjustment, and troubleshooting.
  • Mon., October 26    Wheels: Part 1
    Wheel truing, measuring spokes for wheel build and replacement.
  • Mon., November 2    Wheels: Part 2
    Wheel Building.  Build a wheel!
    Students attending this class are HIGHLY encouraged to attend Wheels: Part 1.

  • Mon., November 9     Wheels: Part 3
    Continuation of Wheel Building, if needed.

Bike Theft

We care about helping you prevent your bike from being stolen. That’s why we put together our Bike Theft Card (2 pages, printed copies are available at the bike co-op).

Bikes are easy to transport and hard to track, making them a prime target for people who want to steal them – either to ride themselves or to re-sell. But you can prevent bike theft and learn what you need in order to improve your chances of getting that bike back!

According to the Columbus Police Department, 74 bicycles were reported stolen in 2014. Many more were unreported, possibly because victims did not have the required documentation (serial number!, make, model, other details).

There are a couple of things to keep in mind: prevention, reporting, and recovery.

Prevent bike theft:

♦  Most bikes that are stolen were not locked up at the time they were taken.

♦  Invest in the highest quality lock you can afford. We recommend heavy-duty u-locks or heavy-gauge chains.

♦  Take lights and other easily removed items with you.

♦  Always lock your bike frame to a secure, fixed object.

♦  Lock your bike even when it’s in your garage or carport, on your porch or in your yard.

♦  Garage and shed break-ins happen year round. Keep your garage windows covered and doors closed and locked.

Report bike theft:

♦  Always report the theft to the local police department.

♦  But first, if your bike is stolen, you will have to prove it’s yours. Proper documentation greatly increases the odds of recovering a stolen bicycle. So gather your documentation – serial number, description, pictures, etc. The only way to prove it’s yours is to have the serial number!

♦  You can usually find the serial number on the bottom of the bike. You’ll have to flip the bike over to see it.

♦  Take pictures of your bike, the serial number, you with the bike and any parts or accessories unique to your bike.

♦  Fill out the form on the second page of our Bike Theft Card; save it and the photos for your records. Email a picture of the completed form to yourself to ensure you have access to it when you need it.

Recovery of a stolen bike:

♦  After you’ve made the police report, and with the pictures and documentation that you have, inform the local bike shops of the theft. Inform them that if this bike should come in, they should call the police. You may want to make a quick poster or flyer – they’ll need something on hand to refer to if they suspect it’s your bike that shows up.

♦  Inform local pawn shops of the theft, using the same information.

♦  Register the bike with Bike Index’s registry.