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Introducing our new Shop Manager

Please help us in extending a warm welcome to our new Shop Manager, Joe Morley.

Joe has a great deal of experience working as a bike mechanic in various bike shops and providing training on bike repair and other subjects, and is enthusiastic about getting started at the Bike Co-op! You can expect to see him during most of our shop hours.

Joe will soon be taking over volunteer coordination duties as well, while Cheryl Wright will remain part of the team as Marketing Coordinator.

Make sure to say hello when you see Joe at the shop!

Joe Morley - the Bike Co-op's new Shop Manager

Joe Morley – the Bike Co-op’s new Shop Manager


Join us for Bike to Work Day!

We’re excited about the 10th Annual Bike to Work Day, taking place this Friday, May 15th, starting at 7:15am.

Join us on May 15th for Bike to Work Day, organized by Reach Healthy Communities.  Various community leaders will be riding from the following locations:
-the People Trail at SR46W & Goeller Blvd.
-the Haw Creek Trail at 30th St. & Griffa
-Blackwell Park/Parkside (west parking lot)
-Donner Park (large shelter house)
-Eastside Community Center

Riders will leave each location at 7:15am and ride downtown. A light breakfast will be provided from 7:30-8:30am at the Cummins Irwin Conference Center Plaza. There will also be a light breakfast provided by Columbus Regional Health (patio of dining pavilion) and the Columbus Learning Center for those participants that don’t work downtown. Riders will log their trip on the Columbus Commuter Challenge website.

Indoor bike parking will be available all day at WellConnect!

To download the poster, click here: BiketoWorkDay2015.

Now Hiring: Shop Manager

Do you have a passion for bikes, experience with bike repair, and want to get more involved with the Bike Co-op?  We are now hiring a Shop Manager!

The mission of the Columbus Bike Co-op, Inc. is to promote bicycling as environmentally friendly, healthful and enjoyable and to provide the space and the knowledge needed to repair, reuse, and rebuild bicycles donated by the public or by public or private entities. The Co-op performs three fundamental functions:

  1. Works with citizens and organizations to repair, reuse, and rebuild bicycles and donates such bicycles to citizens and organizations in the community.
  2. Hosts bicycle safety and educational events.
  3. Works with citizens in the city and county to promote a bicycle-friendly community.

The Co-op is seeking a part-time employee to help sustain the growth and success of the organization. Typically open 2-3 evenings a week from 5:30pm-8pm (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and Sunday from 2pm-5pm, the employee will be expected to work the majority of the 6-10 hours per week during these hours of operation.

Bike Co-op Shop Manager 

  • Desired skills and experience include: customer service skills, basic mechanical skills, interest in and familiarity with bicycles, experience teaching or training, in a supervisory role and working with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Position will be compensated for a maximum of 10 hours per week for $9.00/hour (52 weeks)
  • Process of selection will be based on experience, ability to work effectively, and customer service skills
  • Responsibilities will include but not limited to:
    • Making sure that volunteers and monitors keep shop organized and clean
    • Ordering tools and parts as needed
    • Meeting with and selecting shop monitors for the Co-op
    • Being available to customers and volunteers during shop hours
    • Making sure that volunteers are working together and with customers appropriately
    • Submitting a monthly report outlining tasks completed related to the hours worked
    • Attending Board of Director quarterly meetings and reporting on the status of the Co-op
    • Attending monthly volunteer meetings

To Apply: Download an application from or pick up a paper application during open shop hours, email completed application to or mail to Columbus Bike Co-op 1531 13th St, Ste B100 Columbus, IN 47201, or drop off during open shop hours.

Application Deadline: Monday, May 18, 2015 at 5pm.





Need some kids bikes?

Kids grow… and they can outgrow bikes fast!

If it’s time for a “new” bike, stop in to the Columbus Bike Co-op*! We have a wide variety of used youth and adult bikes, and we’re not asking much for them (we’re overflowing, please help us get the word out). We also have a limited number of children’s helmets available.

We’ll make sure the bike is properly adjusted before it goes out. Bring your child along so we can make sure they’re on the right size bike.

Tips for kids bikes:

– Regularly adjust the seat post height on your child’s bike to ensure their legs are nearly fully extending. Your child may not notice that this needs to be done.

– On some bikes, you can raise the stem. When raising the stem and seat post, always make sure the engraved hash marks (“minimum insertion” lines) are not exposed.

– If you can’t get the bike properly adjusted to your growing child, move up to at least the next size bike (kids bikes are sized by wheel size: 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″). Sometimes you may be able to go up two sizes. Make sure your child can straddle the top tube of the bicycle (don’t buy one too large to “grow into”).

– Getting a first bike for your child? You can take the pedals and/or crank off a small bike to create a “balance bike”. This is an effective way to avoid training wheels altogether! Once they are cruising along, re-install the pedals (remember that the left pedal is reverse threaded).

*Open Sunday 2-5pm, Thurs. 5:30-8pm and the 2nd and 4th Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm in the basement of the United Way building (1531 13th St., Columbus, IN).

Used girls bikes

Used girls bikes – 24″, 20″, 18″ and 16″ pictured


Used girls bikes

Used girls bikes – 12″ and 16″ pictured

Used boys bikes

Used boys bikes – 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, and 24″ pictured

Basic Bike Maintenance Class – May 17th

Bike month (May) is coming up soon and we’re ready to spread the bike love! To celebrate Bike Month, we will be offering a FREE class in Basic Bike Adjustment & Maintenance on Sunday, May 17th from 3-5pm. Bring your bike so that we can customize the class based on the components of your bicycle. We’ll show you the basics and then help you try out your new skills on your very own bike.

Please register for this FREE class by signing up at the Bike Co-op or by e-mailing us at

Celebrate bike month by learning how to care for your bike!