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ColumBike Partnership begins in 2019

December 5, 2018


The Columbus Bicycle Co-op is excited to begin working together with the Columbus Park Foundation and the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department on a collaborative partnership in support of the ColumBike bike share program. The partners will share responsibilities for the ongoing management, operations, and long-term sustainability of the ColumBike program. The management of the ColumBike program aligns perfectly with our skill set and mission of making bicycling an accessible and sustainable means of transportation and recreation for all residents of Bartholomew County.


ColumBike was established by the Columbus Park Foundation in the spring of 2016 and we're looking forward to seeing the program continue to grow and develop under this newly formed partnership. As part of the partnership, we will oversee ColumBike maintenance and operations responsibilities as well as hire a full-time Executive Director to manage both ColumBike and the Bicycle Co-op.  Together, along with the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department, the partners will share fundraising efforts and general ColumBike oversight.


"We are very excited about this collaboration with the Columbus Bicycle Co-op. Their supportive reputation in the bicycle community is solid, and their discernible compatibility with the ColumBike program makes this partnership a privilege and a perfect fit.  The Columbus Park Foundation and the Columbus Bicycle Co-op will continue their current missions through the partnership, while the Co-op will provide more focus on the reinforcement aspect of ColumBike," said Columbus Park Foundation Board President Chip Orben.


Columbus Bicycle Co-op Board President Jayme Zobrist added, “The management of the day-to-day operations of ColumBike aligns perfectly with the Columbus Bicycle Co-op’s skill set. We’re looking forward to this opportunity to strengthen both organizations and continue to promote cycling in our community.”


The general public can continue to enjoy ColumBike rides, just as you have since 2016. In the future, you can look forward to seeing ColumBikes at your favorite local events and seeing even more information about the program around town. You can help out by spreading the word that ColumBikes are easy to use AND a fun and healthy way to get around Columbus!




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