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Group bike rides in Columbus, Indiana

Are you interested in joining a group bike ride but unsure where to start? Try one of these rides - there is something for riders of all skill levels and styles. These group rides are a great way to ride in a fun and safe atmosphere.



The Monday Night Road Ride leaves from Columbus Cycling & Fitness, 833 16th St, on Mondays at 6:10pm. This is a no-drop ride of about 30 miles. They ride through the spring, summer and fall (up until the time change in October).



The Columbus Women's Ride was started in 2013 by several young women who saw a need for an accessible, social bike ride. As its name suggests, this ride was created for women to ride together, but it is not exclusive; men and children are also welcome.

The route varies each week, but the ride always departs on Tuesday nights at 6pm from the statue of Eos at 5th & Lindsey streets, and is an easy, social ride that lasts about an hour. They also organize a Bike to the Brewery ride several times in the summer, where they ride to Upland Pumphouse, 450 North or Zwanzigz. These brewery rides can be more challenging, but with the reward of tasty drinks & food!

If you're interested in joining a group ride but are unsure where to start, Columbus Women's Ride is a great choice.



The Wednesday Night Downtown Road Bikers has been in existence for a decade (or more) and typically offers several length rides to cater to different skill levels.

They ride every Wednesday at 6pm from Spring until Fall. The routes vary each week, but there's always the TEN - a ~10 mile route aimed at beginner / social riders - and one or more longer routes of 20-30 miles for those who want the extra challenge. The routes are well marked and they make sure that no one gets left behind. Following the ride, there is often a pitch-in dinner or the group meets at a restaurant.

While the name says "road bikers", you'll see all types of bikes in this fun group. This is a great way to meet people in the cycling community, get some more mileage on your bike, and learn some great bike routes around Columbus. The Facebook group members often share other local rides



The Thursday Night Off-Road Ride leaves from Columbus Cycling & Fitness, 833 16th St, on Thursday nights around 6:00pm, or you can meet them at Brown County State Park at 6:40pm. This is a beginner-friendly mountain bike ride that rides about 7-8 miles on some of the best mountain bike trails on the continent (according to Bike Magazine).

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